In the Words of our Intern at Steeplechase Business Solutions

As summer is coming to an end and classes are beginning, our intern Ashley is headed back to school at WVU to finish her senior year.  At the end of the 12 week program, Steeplechase Business Solutions sat down with Ashley and had a few questions regarding her experience.  Take a look at what she had to say.

Ashley Steeplechase Business SolutionsSteeplechase Business Solutions:  We know that you are a marketing major.  What made you decide on that?
Ashley:  I chose this major because I like working with people to achieve a common goal. I also enjoy the hands-on experience with customers and clients, and seeing hard work pay off.

Steeplechase Business Solutions:  What attracted you to the internship offered at Steeplechase Business Solutions?
Ashley:  I love that I was able to get the chance to deliver results for their client and their customers.  Hard work is rewarded at Steeplechase Business Solutions, even as an intern, and I got the chance to work closely with a group of hardworking and motivated people. I loved the office atmosphere, where we focus on our standards for success while having fun.

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Steeplechase Business Solutions:  As an intern, what did you learn this summer?
Ashley:  I learned a lot!  I learned about planning, hard work, the importance of short and long term goals, and much more!  I was not only taught the sales and marketing aspect of the business, I was taught about human resources, interviewing, and training.  It was great to help to coach others to reach and exceed company expectations.

Steeplechase Business Solutions:  When looking for a career after graduation, what is one skill that you will take with you that was learned here?
Ashley:  One skill that I will use in the future is the ability to train and coach.  While working here this summer, I learned about different coaching styles and techniques for different individuals.  I think this is important to understand that everyone learns differently, which in turn means that I have to coach and train differently.  It was so beneficial to learn this because now I know I will become a stronger mentor to everyone around me and I will be a big asset to any company.

Thanks Ashley for taking time to answer some of the questions regarding our internship here at Steeplechase Business Solutions.  The team had a great summer with you and we are excited to see you graduate this year and looking forward to working with you again in the future.

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