Opening in February of 2013, we have already doubled some of our expectations and look to do so again in 2015.   Our mission is to provide top notch representation for our companies by promoting integrity, hard work, and passion. As we grow, we promise to only grow from within and develop our people, maintaining our quality along with the quantity of our results. We are dedicated to providing a positive environment for learning and helping each and every one of our people succeed. This is the commitment that we make to our people.   As a leading provider of sales and marketing solutions for large telecommunications companies, we specialize in face to face acquisition, retention, and customer service. The result that we get for our companies here in Pittsburgh is directly tied to our systematic training program. We are a relatively small company at this point, but we already bring roughly over one-third of all new customers to our companies within the Pittsburgh market. We look to exceed this mark in 2015, as the company plans to expand into new markets in the first quarter.  Our first location will be in Des Moines, Iowa.

We deliver personally tailored presentations to current and new customers based on provided leads. This old school approach renews the relationship that our companies have with their customers. It also creates a sense of comfort and convenience for customers that they wouldn’t have otherwise. This approach, in conjunction with our people, ensures professionalism and integrity for our companies.


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